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Everything Everything 'Night Of The Long Knives' by Kit Monteith

David Knight - 17th Nov 2017

A brilliant, kinetic performance video by Kit Monteith for Everything Everything's finest song, Night Of The Long Knives.

Shot in Low Four Studios in Manchester, Monteith has turned a simple and intimate studio performance into a frenzy of pent-up energy with a breathtaking use of digital camera imagery - from the pristine to the super-gnarly.

Rather than switching formats, the images change quality within shots, resolution disintegrates, TV distortion interrupts, and the director embraces the digital glitch and drop-out to brilliant effect. It's all choreographed to elevate an already terrific song. One of the best band performance pieces in a long time. 


David Knight - 17th Nov 2017


  • Performance

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Kit Monteith
Production Company
Joseph & Joseph Productions


Director of Photography
Alistair Little


Lighting Assistant
Georgiana Ghetiu
Jib Operator
Jon Brady

Other credits


Dan Parrot and Low Four Studios, Manchester

David Knight - 17th Nov 2017

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