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Ainé 'The Other Side' by Raoul Paulet

David Knight - 24th Oct 2017

Raoul Paulet's video for Ainé takes the conceit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and applies it to stock footage. So instead of Toon Town, we have Stock Town – where it's all going down... 

Super-strong imagery rubs shoulder to shoulder with apparently unconnected footage, in a place where meaning and comprehension is hard to find. Well, what the hell do you expect in Stock Town?

The footage itself is fascnating, with each vignette built as if to suggest some kind of backstory. Paulet describes it as a tragicomic tribute to film editing pioneer Lev V. Kuleshov.

David Knight - 24th Oct 2017


  • Stock footage

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Raoul Paulet
Francesco Tenti

David Knight - 24th Oct 2017

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