David Knight - 12th Sept 2017

Luke Davies decided against getting all counterintuitive when it came to Piers James's Samurai. And that was a smart move. Instead he made the most of the opportunity presented by the songtitle.

But as he explains, filming a samurai on Margate beach has its hazards...


"Normally when I listen to a song to start thinking about the visuals, the first couple of ideas that come to mind are usually a little obvious or cliche. It felt, I don’t know, just a little too easy and obvious to go with a film directly referencing Samurais... But then I thought, you know what Samurai’s are cool as fuck, so why the hell not. Anything else would have just been swimming against the tide.

"Irrelevant of the concept, it turned out that fighting against the tide would be exactly what we we're doing. Stranded on a miserable Margate beach in the height of English summer (50mph winds & heavy showers), with no unit base in sight and not even the respite of an E-Z Up for shelter... yeah we shot 360. Basically what I'm trying to say is this was without doubt the most testing shoot I've ever been a part of. People often compare filmmaking with going to war and now I kind of understand why. 

"Luckily when you're surrounded by a fabulous crew it's incredible the amount of adversity you can overcome. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this possible, and rest in peace to our 1st AC whose probably still out in Margate somewhere blowing in the wind."

PRO Credits


Make-upHolly Miller
DirectorLuke Davies
Production ManagerElla Giradot
1st ADSpencer Wilson
Director of PhotographyMolly Manning Walker
Focus PullerWill Gething
GafferMatthew Dickson
Art DirectorKelly Sinclair Smith
ProducerLeah Joyce
EditorJake Armstrong
Editing companyMarshall Street Editors
ColouristThomas Mangham
Grading companyThe Mill
Lead actorSillis Movement
Director's RepresentationFat Lemon
LabelPlatoon Records
Other creditsGraphics: Tom Stratford Dancers: Dominant Namek & Remi Black Assistant Choreographer: Jacob Holme Art Dept Assistant: India Gillet

David Knight - 12th Sept 2017

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