David Knight - 29th Aug 2017

After excellent work with the video for Alice Jemima, James Heaphy now directs another Sunday Best artist, and perhaps appropriately, the director says his video for Laucan is an exploration of themes of prayer and ritual.

The reality of impending devastation over London - waiting for the impact, as per the songtitle - leads three individuals to find solace in different places to undertake activities from which they derive strength. As Heaphy says, these are "physical acts in which we can resolve inner conflict but also have ability to affect the world around us.”

As with Alice Jemima's Take Me Back, Nick Dalby at UNIT in London was the colourist. "With such a soulful and atmospheric track, it needed a dramatic cinematic film to go compliment it," he says. "I think we've achieved that with the dark and surreal look into the lives of three very different people while a meteor is heading to impact earth. For me it tells a great story of our diverse and exciting city we live in."


DirectorJames Heaphy
ProducerAvy Andrews
Director of PhotographyJack Layfield
Casting directorGeorgia Topley
Production AssistantRose Village
Camera AssistantMilo Makromalis
Post production companyUNIT
Post ProducerIan Luxford
ColouristNick Dalby
FlameRob Ellis
EditorJames Heaphy
CommissionerNick Adler
LabelSunday Best

David Knight - 29th Aug 2017

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Luke Bather - 31st July 2017

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