David Knight - 9th Aug 2017

New Zealander Dylan Pharazyn continues his run of intriguing and atmospheric videos for Die! Die! Die! with this strobtastic mystery. 

A mud-spattered woman tries to get away from an unseen spooky something, as a strange young girl spinning a ribbon has a weird supernatural effect on the scene. And when she's caught in a hypnotic assault of strobe light and weightless forces, a disturbing transformation takes place.


DirectorDylan Pharazyn
ProducerGayle Hogan
Production CompanyTimbuctoo Studio
Director of PhotographyAdam Luxton
Focus PullerAsuka Sylvie
2nd ACCaleb Macdonald
GafferSpencer Locke-bonney
Other creditsArt Dept: Gloria Griffen Casting:   Adrian Dentice Cast: Gemma Walsh, Lawree Goodwin, Peter Swartz, Naomi Yacyshen

David Knight - 9th Aug 2017

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