Luke Bather - 31st July 2017

An inspiring journey through the memories that give us confidence and carry us through the mundane. James Heaphy's dreamy clip for Alice Jemima is a wonderful study in mood and memory.

Shot in multiple aspect ratios and featuring a hazy mix of good times, beauty, and boredom, Heaphy manages to take us on a stream-of-conscious journey across moods and moments worth savouring. Storing these vignettes away for the times when it feels like there's nothing exciting happening is what keeps us going 'til the next adventure - a feeling Heaphy manages to capture expertly.

The video was shot on Alexa with some vintage 70’s lenses - 4:3 for the flashbacks, and 16:9 anamorphic for the current day footage. It was graded by Nick Dalby at UNIT post - who says the different timelines posed a challenge to be relished in the grade. 

“It was great working with James on this," says Dalby. "His style and vision allowed us to create this beautiful promo for Alice Jemima. We wanted to be able to differentiate between the present and the past [so] we chose a stronger, grainier film look for the flashbacks, and a cleaner, crisper colour grade for the present shots. Also adding extra style by changing the aspect ratio between these two sections resulting in this unique look."


DirectorJames Heaphy
ProducerAvy Andrews
1st ADAvy Andrews
Director of PhotographyJack Layfield
Focus PullerMilo Makromalis
EditorJames Heaphy
ColouristNick Dalby
Grading companyUNIT
Post ProducerIan Luxford
Lead actorPolly Carter, Chris Bennet-grant, Alex Westergard, Xena The Dog
CommissionerNick Adler
LabelSunday Best
Casting directorGeorgia Topley
Other creditsCast: Chris Bennet-Grant, Alex Westergard, Xena The Dog

Luke Bather - 31st July 2017

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