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Tom Williams 'Get High' by Brother Film Co.

Luke Bather - 12th July 2017

Brother Film Co. teams up with artist Benjamin Phillips for this wonderful hand-made performance for Tom Williams.

Featuring backing by balloon effigies of each member of his band, Williams performs in a white room – thanks to the help of some puppeteers, of course – before becoming one with his helium-filled brethren. Eventually the band breaks free from the confines of the performance space and floats gloriously in the golden sky.


"For the video to Tom Williams’s track Get High, we teamed up with illustrator and artist Benjamin Phillips who had an idea up his sleeve. Taking inspiration from an old fancy dress costume he’d made, full-size balloon replicas of Tom’s band were painstakingly created, tested and created again over a fortnight period.

"We spent a day in a sweltering London studio shooting the performance section of the video, and the balloon band performed perfectly. Each member of the band was operated by a white boiler-suited puppeteer, and after a bit of practice, each seemed to have its own rhythm and personality. A few days later we drove down to the south coast of the UK to shoot the final floating scenes at golden hour, which worked a treat."

Luke Bather - 12th July 2017


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Marcus Ellingham
Luke Ellingham
Production Company
Brother Film Co.
1st AD
Hugo Ellingham


Director of Photography
Luke Ellingham


Art Director
Benjamin Phillips


Caroline International

Luke Bather - 12th July 2017

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