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Kesha 'Praying' by Jonas Akerlund

Luke Bather - 10th July 2017

It's been a long time coming, but Kesha is finally back with a powerful, stylised statement piece from Jonas Akerlund.

Invoking spirituality on a quest for answers, this is Kesha's rebirth and return after a much-publicised legal battle that put her career on indefinite hold at a crucial time. She begins the clip adrift in black and white - floating lost upon a hopeless expanse of water, but somewhere in her mind, there's a colourful final grasp at hope that ultimately leads to her new beginning. Akerlund being the undisputed king of aesthetic brings a wash of style and statement to the clip - which seems to evoke Wim Wenders, Anton Corbijn and a hint of David LaChapelle.

Ending with a new beginning (and laced in iconography from the resurrection myth) we can only speculate where the next part of Kesha's journey will take her.

Luke Bather - 10th July 2017


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Jonas Akerlund


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Luke Bather - 10th July 2017

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