David Knight - 28th June 2017

Bob Gallagher's video for Limerick hiphop trio Rusangano Family, is a tie-in piece to a documentary about mental health in Ireland, and uses visual metaphors to explore the issue.

The participants were asked about sensations they felt in relation to feelings of of depression and anxiety. "We collaborated to visualise them through a series of portraits," says Gallagher, who creates a number of vivid images to represent a sense of powerlessness and entrapment, from being buried in sand to enclosed in a birdcage.


DirectorBob Gallagher
ProducerBob Gallagher
Director of PhotographyBob Gallagher
EditorBob Gallagher
Director's RepresentationJohn Hassay
Other creditsProduction Manager - Rory Tinman

David Knight - 28th June 2017

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