Luke Bather - 6th Apr 2017

Carlos Lopez Estrada's winning streak of simple continuous-take visual collaborations with Clipping. gets another installment with 'True Believer'.

Clipping.'s now Hugo Award-nominated concept album about a slave rebellion on board a space ship has had some interesting gravity-defying visuals in the past, but this one is fantastic in its simplicity. A New York Street scene becomes the setting for an astronaut – the track's guest vocalist Paul Outlaw – floating listlessly into outer space, occasionally chiming in to lip-sync his part. The slow creeping of his ascent is a sinister visual accompaniment to the ominous drones of the track itself.


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
VFXAlejandro Taylor
ProducerAdam Hendrickson
Director of PhotographyMartim Vian
Production designerTyler Jensen
WardrobeJordy Scheinberg
Production CompanyDivide/Conquer
ProducerTessa Travis
Director of PhotographyJohn Schmidt
Production designerAnnie Chernecky
Production CompanyMILK Studios

Luke Bather - 6th Apr 2017

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