David Knight - 29th Mar 2017

Ukranian animator Stas Santimov's brilliant video for Eluvium, is a beautifully rendered trip into a nightmare. Seven minutes of looping vignettes that tell the tale of one hapless traveller's journey into hell.

With its painterly style, evoking a faded grandeur turned into grubbiness and pervading despair and doom, it's influences range from Kafka to Otto Dix - an early -to-mid 20th century, mid-European doom-laden milieu, with a touch of The Shining thrown in. And it's an absolute pleasure to watch the man drawn in to a horrible end, lured by the temptress in the mask.

Santimov, a video game animator in his day job, has told the Creators website that one of his key inspirations for the piece was Estonian cartoonist and animation director Priit Pärn. Basically you have to come from Central and Eastern Europe to do this stuff properly. And it works beautifully with the brooding post-rock of Eluvium - aka American musician Matthew Cooper. 


DirectorStas Santimov
LabelTemporary Residence

David Knight - 29th Mar 2017

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