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Tommy Cash 'Surf' by Tommy Cash

Luke Bather - 20th Mar 2017

Tommy Cash is no stranger to explicit videos, as those of you who've witnessed Winaloto can attest to - and his latest for 'Surf' is no exception.

Remember Vanya Heymann and Gal Muggia's amazing VFX collage for Coldplay? Where the band became part of the landscape? Well picture that but much more sexual and you're sort of close.

Plus there's a heap of scenes that look a lot like people engaging in some pretty X-rated activity until the camera pans out to reveal that in actual fact you just have a filthy, filthy mind and Tommy Cash was innocent all along! Imagine that!

Luke Bather - 20th Mar 2017


  • Comedy
  • Mature - NSFW

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Tommy Cash
Anna-Lisa Himma


Director of Photography
CJ Kask

Luke Bather - 20th Mar 2017

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