Cat Velez - 23rd Jan 2017

Jillian Banks and director Marie Schuller have collaborsted on this compelling pop video for Trainwreck, spotlighting on the machinations of the music industry through graphic symbolic imagery.

And it's quite the nightmarish vision - with three identical, expressionless drones in suits, pointing a massive camera at her and following her every move. Filming her in a dark hallway, the execs duplicate, creeping up behind her for a choreography that can be describes as rythmic manhandling - dropping her onto beds, dragging her back as she tries to get away, manipulating her and coercing her by controling her movements.

Frightnening and unfortunately, still grossly relatable, the artist fights the good fight to get back in control of her own creative vision.


DirectorMarie Schuller
Executive ProducerLorenzo Ragionieri
Production CompanyCadence Films

Cat Velez - 23rd Jan 2017

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