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Captain Ango Pango 'Shut Up DJ' by Tim Hope

David Knight - 15th Dec 2016

Welcome to the personal pop project of commercials and music video director Tim Hope (Coldplay, REM, Jimmy Eat World), and an awesome primal scream of a music video, where Barbie doll versions of Hope and musical collaborator Gary Le Strange get imaginatively homicidal with Britain's biggest blabbermouth DJs.

Well, their cardboard cutouts anyway. It's a cri-de-coeur against the inane babblings of (mainly) blokes on radio that comes, says Tim Hope, from him being "bored of trying to get label commissioners to take an interest in [my] idiotic ideas."

So he commissioned the band, the song, and created this weirdly intense slab of lo-fi ultraviolence himself. And how very satisfying it is too.

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David Knight - 15th Dec 2016


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Tim Hope
Jake River Parker
Production Company
Passion Pictures
Production Company
Cloth Productions


Director's Representation
Passion Pictures

Other credits

Dave Westlake

Music Producer

Gary Le Strange

Guest Vocals

David Knight - 15th Dec 2016

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