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DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber 'Let Me Love You' by James Lees

Luke Bather - 5th Dec 2016

It's Bonnie & Clyde by way of Drive with a hint of Grand Theft Auto in James Lees' excellent, cinematic and ultimately deceptive neo-noir for DJ Snake.

The coloured lights of LA by night set the scene for a young couple in a muscle car filled with guns and money. It's a twisted American dream, and Lees' video adds layers of fiction to that dream, with hints throughout the narrative filled with robberies, car chases and double crosses that all is not as it seems.

We eventually discover that the story we're so invested in is actually a videogame, and that turn is a weirdly sinister one once you see who's playing. 

With some great cinematic movements combined with video game tropes (and a hopefully intentional  reference to the infamous hammer scene from the movie OldBoy), this is a densely-packed visual treat.

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Luke Bather - 5th Dec 2016


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Luke Bather - 5th Dec 2016

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