David Knight - 21st Nov 2016

French director Hatim Elmrini's interpretation of singer-songwriter Brian S. Cassidy's I'm An Ocean is a low-key portrait of an ordinary man that acquires layers of mystery and tragedy with one shattering image.

It's the moment that the windscreen crumbles, witnessed from the point of view of the man's wife, which appears to be a devastating memory that the man is reflecting upon from a Californian motel room. But Elmrini really leaves it for the viewer to decide how, and even whether or not this event happened.


DirectorHatim Elmrini
Production CompanyHerald Films
1st ADMatthieu Bernhard
EditorHatim Elmrini
VFXHatim Elmrini
LabelWren & Shark

David Knight - 21st Nov 2016

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