David Knight - 9th Nov 2016

The new video for Russ Chimes features visuals from the short film Globe of Death - the story of daredevil motorcycle rider Lucius Zafalon - from directors and production company Autobahn.

Zafalon risks his body in the pursuit of the perfect Globe of Death act - where three motorbikes travel within a metal sphere, essentially testing the laws of physics to its limits. As the film shows, it's a graceful as well as gravity-defying performance, in its beautiful precision.

The Globe of Death is a stunt that dates from the beginning of the 20th century. One of the oldest patents for the mesh sphere ball was filed in 1904. Different to the Wall of Death that became popular in the UK, where the riders ride only on the horizontal, with the Globe of Death multiple riders can race in any direction at the same time.

Directed by Autobahn (James Worsley and Pedro De La Fuente), they met Zafalon through their passion for motorcycles, and the short film shows that The Globe of Death has been his life's work for the past 30 years. "We were mesmerised by how incredibly visual the act is and thought that combined with his life story it was a perfect subject for a film."

Watch 'Russ Chimes 'Cosine' by Autobahn' here

PRO Credits


ProducerThais Altman
Production CompanyAutobahn
Director of PhotographyMalte Rosenfeld
ColouristJim Bracher
Grading companyThe Mill
Lead actorLucius Zafalon
Other creditsGraphic Design: Duncan Edwards

David Knight - 9th Nov 2016

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