Luke Bather - 1st Nov 2016

French multimedia artist and musician Clémentine Blue has directed the final instalment in her month-long project under her Tiger Lion moniker. 

The ambitious project, called 'The Moon Inside Me' followed the lunar cycles of October and released new works accordingly. Spanning music, photography, painting and video art, with collaboration from a vast array of artists and models, The Moon Inside Me is an impressive and immersive piece of art that can be experienced as a whole or in individual snippets.

The final video instalment in the series is directed by Clémentine herself and is an intimate and spiritual exploration of rituals, with wonderful analogue looks.

The complete project can be experienced at The Moon Inside Me website


"This song represents the end of a cycle, the beginning of a new one. It is about the trust I have in my intuitions, my inner moon. It explores how we can embrace cycles, let something die, let ourselves reborn once the moon has been black.

"With this video I explored rituals, sensuality beyond genders, and I wanted to create mystery with filming a neutral gender figure without a face. I used vintage analogue lenses to obtain a warmer result and sometimes a bokeh effect. It is a very personal video aspiring to be pictural, photographic and dreamy. As well as the song theme, I relied on my intuitions to find the right vibe during filming.

"I consider this video as a visual illustration of the song rather than a story itself, I think the images should support the music, and not the other way around."


DirectorClémentine Blue
EditorClémentine Blue

Luke Bather - 1st Nov 2016

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