David Knight - 10th Oct 2016

Bound and dumped in the middle of nowhere would be bad news for most guys, but the resourceful protagonist in the video for Toothless's The Sirens - directed by the duo Joseph Keirs and Sef Tedder – bounces back with aplomb, and embarks on a breathless high-octane lifestyle on sun-kissed, fun-filled Ibiza - involving an impressive number of assignations with the female population. 

It's a thrilling ride, which goes the beyond the usual hedonistic take on Ibiza, and looking into the darker side. With an eclectic range of characters cast through Facebook, the directors Keirs and Tedder have done a very impressive job here - at times, with their adventurous POV approach, like a less violent, more sexy version of Biting Elbow's Bad Motherfucker. Fasten your seatbelts.


"When one thinks of Ibiza, particularly when it appears in music videos, its all beach parties, clubs and heteronormative perspectives. We wanted to show a stranger side; full of surprises, gender fluidity and mystical abandon. We've tried to show a 'normal' guy's journey into a world of hedonism; where he is chewed up and spat out by the Sirens of the island where it’s always unclear who is using who?

"We found real people that live, love and work on Ibiza. Notably James, our drag queen on a stallion, who by day is an instructor at a riding school and by night has a successful drag show. He'd never revealed one side of his life to the other until we helped to bring together his life's two greatest passions for the video.

"Similarly there was Charlie, our pregnant dog walker, who wanted to be involved in the project mainly to get some high quality footage of her looking beautiful and powerful with her baby bump to send to her partner, as due to visa issues, he is stuck in Senegal for the pregnancy and birth of their child."


DirectorSef Tedder
DirectorJoseph Keirs
ProducerKit Monteith
Production CompanyJoseph & Joseph Productions
Post production companyJoseph & Joseph Productions
LabelIsland Records

David Knight - 10th Oct 2016

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