Cat Velez - 29th Sept 2016

Director Darren Craig brings these slick visuals to life for Hailee Steinfeld & Grey’s track Starving, expressing the singer's sexual awakening upon meeting the man of her dreams. 

It's an alluring performance visual in which Darren plays with light and shadow, capturing stunning close-ups of Steinfeld singing and dancing in a series of different looks and backdrops. The main one is a dark, neon-tinged ex-industrial location lit up like a night club, in which the singer performs a confident and sexy choreography, flirting with four strapping young dancers, equipped with the knowledge of exactly who she wants. 

Watch 'Hailee Steinfeld & Grey ft. Zedd 'Starving' by Darren Craig' here


DirectorDarren Craig
Production CompanyThe Uprising Creative
Executive ProducerJonathan Craven
ProducerNathan Scherrer
Director of PhotographySing Howe Yam
EditorChris Simmons
ChoreographyCasper Smart

Cat Velez - 29th Sept 2016

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