David Knight - 8th Sept 2016

Can a music video make a difference? It would be awfully nice to think so. And, however unlikely that might seem, Sia and Daniel Askill, Ryan Heffington and Maddie Ziegler - and in this case, a significant number of other young dancers - are going for it.

The latest in the series of Sia music videos starring Ziegler - which have all, to a greater or lesser degree, channeled the artist's sense of pain – confronts the terrible reality of the Orlando massacre, in its own way. Which is a way that makes you think about being alive and then not being alive.

Will it make a difference? Probably not. But this work recognises that change will only come by remembering the victims.

The Atlantic: Sia's Wonderful and Sad Video for Orlando


DirectorDaniel Askill
ChoreographerRyan Heffington
DancerMaddie Ziegler

David Knight - 8th Sept 2016

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