David Knight - 15th July 2016

Paul Trillo has turned the lust between a man and woman, into something more experimental and high-minded for DJ Pone's Heart Swing. Essentially, its a one night stand deconstructed, the bodies of a passionate couple only revealed by islands of revealed skin against bland pastel background.

“I was interested in creating an abstracted interpretation of what a one night stand is,” says Trillo. “There’s something so strange and intriguing about a situation where you instantly and intimately open yourself up to someone. Then you break away, and never see that person again.” 

Trillo previously worked with DJ Pone, directing the cosmic video U and I for his Sarh project. After that success  DJ Pone gave Trillo complete freedom to bring his creative vision to life for Heart Swing. The distinctive and eerie effect was achieved by cutting holes in green suits against a green screen.   


DirectorPaul Trillo
Production CompanyBig Block
Director of PhotographyGreg Wilson
ProducerLihu Roter
ProducerTessa Travis
Production ManagerSarah Benjamin
EditorPaul Trillo
VFXPaul Trillo
Assistant EditorNed Paige
StylistHelen Anstis
Make-upBri Trischitta
Other creditsCAST: Tyler Phillips & Emily Terndrup

David Knight - 15th July 2016

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