Luke Bather - 11th July 2016

For those who utterly abhor those cute kitty videos on YouTube... well, you may just have to let this one through your defences. Toben Seymour returns to musicvideoland with a puppet version of Aesop Rock, and his adorable feline companion. And its as cute as hell.

The song is about Aesop's cat Kirby – played here by Dina, a rescue cat from downtown LA, who keeps puppet Aesop company in his apartment as he tries to work through some issues, on the advice of his therapist.

It's a relatively simple song in terms of Aesop's ouevre, and a simple video is the perfect complement to that. Just a puppet, his kitten and a camera. Aw.


DirectorToben Seymour

Luke Bather - 11th July 2016

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