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Jamie xx 'Gosh' by Romain Gavras

David Knight - 4th July 2016

Romain Gavras makes a mindblowing return to music videos for Jamie xx, in what appears to be a dystopian, ruined version of Paris, with the climax occurring under the rusting hulk of the Eiffel Tower. 

In fact it was shot in a replica Paris in the Chinese province of Jiangsu - built as a tourist attraction but mostly deserted and quickly rotting away. Into this scenario, Gavras brings an opaque story of power and submission, on an epic scale, involving hundreds of identically dressed (and coiffured) extras, a striking central character, and a blue Suburu.   

The video also bears some resemblance to the video for De Staat's Witch Doctor, in creating of a human vortex around a central figure. But Gavras just takes things further. And even the thing you think can't be real.... well, they probably are. No CGI at all, apparently.

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David Knight - 4th July 2016


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David Knight - 4th July 2016

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