Luke Bather - 31st May 2016

Jean-Paul Frenay's Son Lux video is a haunting indictment of over-consumption of modern life. With vignetted scenes gliding from uber-dark to pitch-black we get windows into a dystopian sci-fi world that's so close to our own it's chilling. 

Each scene - be it a couple of scientists syphoning sweat from an overweight woman, or a complacent couple being fed a meal by their robot friend, happily staring into the uncanny valley - is composed beautifully, like an art installation. It all feels incredibly meticulous - there doesn't appear to be a single extraneous element here. It all adds to the cold, harsh and efficient atmosphere that Frenay is trying to put across.


DirectorJean-Paul Frenay
Production CompanyBang Bang Club
Executive ProducerGeoffroy Rouffiange
Director of PhotographyFrançois Starr
EditorJean-Paul Frenay
VFXProdigious CGI
Make-upAurélie Elich

Luke Bather - 31st May 2016

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