Luke Bather - 18th May 2016

"What is this?" is the first line of dialogue uttered in this silly, ultimately quite confusing video. Which seems apt, as many of the bands' fans are asking the same question in the comments section on YouTube.

Saam Farahmand's video sees super-duo Alex Turner and Miles Kane galavant around a lavish location of the Café Royal, like a pair of foppish European playboys. Pink shirts, white blazers, coiffured hair and fake tan, et al. Their will-they-or-won't-they homoerotic horseplay plays out like a tongue-in-cheek taunting of the fans who seem to spend hours and hours online debating whether or not the duo are in fact a couple. No, really. 

On the face of it, it has little in common with Farahmand's previous and closely-linked TLSP videos, for Everything You've Come To Expect and Aviation - although it could be the prequel of sorts to both. And as the film crew and equipment start to become visible, the video itself seems to be bored with Alex and Miles's shenanigans. Very self-aware, but the song is actually good enough to handle it.   

PRO Credits


DirectorSaam Farahmand
Production CompanyBlack Sheep Studios
ProducerDan Keefe
Production ManagerSophie Dewey
Director of PhotographyAlex Barber
Focus PullerMerrit Gold
Clapper LoaderAlexandra Voikou
1st ADJames Sharpe
GripPhil Murray
GripRon Nichols
GripHarry Elvin
GafferRob Gavigan
SparkPat Miller
ChoreographerAaron Sillis
Art DirectorArthur De Borman
Assistant Art DirectorNicholas Hancock
StylistEmma Rees
Wardrobe AssistantJessica Snyder
Hair & Make-upDorita Nissen
Hair & Make-up AssistantTopaz Knight
Hair & Make-up AssistantHolly Dale
RunnerEdiz Moustafa
RunnerMiles Lacey
ColouristHoumam Abdallah
VFX ProducerOlivia Jessop
VFX CompanyElectric Theatre Collective
EditorSaam Farahmand
Other creditsPost Production Producer: Thom Godsill @ Black Sheep Studios VFX Artist: Andrew @ Electric Theatre Company Sound Mix: Chris Morris @ Guilt Free

Luke Bather - 18th May 2016

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