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Tennyson 'Like What' by Fantavious Fritz

Luke Bather - 12th May 2016

Simply put, this is a beautiful and incredible sensory experiment.

The idea here being that Canadian filmmaker Fantavious Fritz asked Nikita, a 12 year old girl who has been blind since birth, to listen to the song, and describe the images that it conjures in her mind. The result is a wonderful visual collage that plays with the ideas of perception in several ways.

The most obvious of course being the exploration of 'seeing' the unseen, but beyond that this is a relatable and interesting look at how the individual perceives a song and the very subjective and personal experience of listening to music.

As directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, etc., within the music video world, we spend our days creating imagery from the stimulus of sound. So much so that it almost becomes second nature. To flip that idea on its head and leave it in someone else's hands is a beautiful and fascinating thing indeed.

The more I think about this video, the more questions I have. Would this video be the same if they'd conducted this interview on a different day? How would I have perceived this song visually if I'd have gone in cold and just closed my eyes and listened? It's a minefield of thoughts, really.

Luke Bather - 12th May 2016


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Fantavious Fritz
Jason Aita
Production Company
Executive Producer
Harland Weiss
Executive Producer
Liz Dussault
Executive Producer
Donovan M. Boden


Director of Photography
Kelly Jeffrey
Director of Photography
Fantavious Fritz


Conor Fisher


Post production company
Alter Ego

Luke Bather - 12th May 2016

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