David Knight - 9th May 2016

Greg & Lio pull off a marvellous sequence shot for a French rap track dedicated to the underachiever. 

It turns out a conceptual performance music video about laziness takes a lot of meticulous planning. For the track Inachevés by Casseurs Flowters, Greg & Lio decided that in order to tell a story about how to overcome apathy, the duo would literally be lying down for 99% of the video.

After all the planning, a test with Lego, a rehearsal with a GoPro on a stick, and filming the sequence in two parts as a safety during the shoot, they had approximately one hour before sunset when they began filming the nearly four-minute sequence shot in one take. In the end, the fourth and final take was the winner. 

For those wondering what tricks they used to get achieve camera movement this fluid, Greg & Lio aren't sharing all their secrets but have this to say. "It's a combination of good shooting tools, gifted people to use them (one more time we have to say thank you to all our crew), and a bit of stabilisation in post production."

Before "Inachvés" Greg & Lio also directed Casseurs Flowters's visually mesmerizing Des Histoires À Raconter.


DirectorGreg & Lio
ProducerSasha Wiernik
Production CompanyHK Corp
ColouristMatthieu Toullet
Grading companyMPC

David Knight - 9th May 2016

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