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Kris Roche 'Be Love' by Alessandro De Bellegarde

Cat Velez - 7th Apr 2016

Alessandro De Bellegarde has directed this 360° stroll through the streets Kris Roche's hometown of Kyoto, Japan. It's an entertaining performance video which sees the singer - who is of American and Japanese decent - singing his tune through the streets of Pontocho, a prominent Kyoto tourist location, where it is not uncommon to see real practicing Geishas walking around (and you may spot one in the video).

And although its nothing more than Roche's performance as he walks, it amply demonstrates the ease-of-use and simple application of the new 360° technology.

Cat Velez - 7th Apr 2016


  • Interactive
  • 360 degrees
  • Kyoto
  • Japan

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Alessandro De Bellegarde

Cat Velez - 7th Apr 2016

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