Cat Velez - 7th Apr 2016

Film director Peter Baynton has delivered this marvellously tender music video for American songwriter and playwright Benjamin Scheuer’s song Weather the Storm, his third collaboration with the artist. 

The song is from Scheuer's highly-acclaimed theatre show The Lion, an autobiographical one-man musical that has won numerous awards including Best New Musical at London’s Off-West End Awards and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance in New York.

The video follows Dickie, a recent widower on his quest for self-reliance who has run out of toothpaste. Peter explained, “the song contains a theme and a message that is universal. Initially we thought we’d tell the story through three very different characters, but during the months of storyboarding Benjamin and I fell in love with the personality embodied in Dickie, the old fellow who is now our hero.”

The team at Trunk used TV Paint for the drawn character animation, which was the only digitally created element in the video, and After Effects for compositing. Using watercolours to produce cubist forms, the finished video - which took nine months to complete - is beautiful in both heart and design. 

Trunk’s executive producer Richard Barnett notes, ”Working with Peter and Benjamin has been a wonderful experience. All of us at Trunk are delighted with this beautiful uplifting video that superbly interplays humour with pathos.”


DirectorPeter Baynton
ProducerDaniel Negret
Executive ProducerRichard Barnett
Executive ProducerBenjamin Scheuer
Production CompanyRadish Pictures
Production CompanyTrunk Animation
2D AnimationPeter Baynton
2D AnimationAlex Potts
2D AnimationIsmael Sanz Pea
2D AnimationTeddy Hall
2D AnimationReg Isaac
ArtworkingRachel Calinan
ArtworkingClaudia Chircop
ArtworkingThéo Gremillet
ArtworkingEmily Knight
ArtworkingClélia Leroux
CompositorPhilip Davies
CompositorRok Predin
Audio PostFonic
SoundMarty O'Brien
Sound designBarnaby Templer
Other creditsBackgrounds: Pter Baynton

Cat Velez - 7th Apr 2016

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