David Knight - 15th Feb 2016

Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, regular collaborator with Canadian punk band PUP - and creator with co-director Chandler Levack of the magnificent Guilt Trip video.

"PUP wanted a quick and dirty lyric video for DVP, the first song off their upcoming album so we put together this lyrical mash-up of all our old favourite 90's video games," says Jeremy. "It's good to corrupt the things that corrupted us in the first place!"


DirectorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
ColouristZachary Myulka
Post ProducerNestor Chumak
Director's RepresentationOb Management (uk) / Mad Ruk Entertainment (canada)
CommissionerAdam "bix" Berger
LabelRoyal Mountain Records / Side One Dummy

David Knight - 15th Feb 2016

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