David Knight - 4th Jan 2016

A man struggles in his relationship as his partner becomes ill with a rare, light-emitting disease in the video for Benjamin's Brother's Story About A Broken Heart, by Israeli directing team Too Short For Modeling.

TSFM are Noam Sharon and Tal Rosenthal, who began working together making comedy clips for their YouTube channel (now with over 14 million views), then went on to create the 1.70 Meters TV series for Bip, Israel's comedy channel. Noam Sharon also directed the award-winning video for Acollective's Breakapart, before reigniting his directing partnership with Tal Rosenthal in 2015.


DirectorToo Short For Modeling
Production CompanyBlackboard Studios
Director of PhotographyEyal Bau Cohen
VFXNoam Sharon

David Knight - 4th Jan 2016

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