David Knight - 21st Dec 2015

Two friends a drive out into the wilds in the video for Alaskan artist Silver Jackson's Perfect Mistake by Seattle-based directing duo Helical – that's Carlos Cruz and Thai Tran. At first it seems these women are just out for a weekend hike in the woods, and then it appears they may be looking for something - and indeed they are. 

Cruz and Tran do a good job in revealing the full picture – and the real reason for the bucolic trip to the woods – bit by bit. And Nicholas Galanin aka Silver Jackson does eventually play an important role in the piece.


ProducerLoaded Pictures
Production CompanyLoaded Pictures
Executive ProducerBrian Homman
Director of PhotographyRonnie Dennis
LabelHomeskillet Records
Other creditsSound Designer: Miguel Angel Lopez Talent: Rana San Meltem Ege Nicholas Galanin

David Knight - 21st Dec 2015

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