David Knight - 18th Dec 2015

Artist Jon Rafman and Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin have co-directed this awesome video for OPN's Sticky Drama – a homemade Game Of Thrones with added dystopian sci-fi tropes, played out by kids in a well-heeled North London suburb in the most satisfyingly supernatural LARPer battle ever. 

Imaginative, subversive, with a supercool silver-toned video look, Rafman and Lopatin have distilled our entertainment obsessions into a brilliant lo-fi mashup, with excellent costume and makeup design - and instead of blood, there's lots of lovely goo... Let's hope the new Star Wars is as good as this.

PRO Credits


DirectorJon Rafman
DirectorDaniel Lopatin
LabelWarp Records
CommissionerThe Zabludowicz Collection

David Knight - 18th Dec 2015

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