David Knight - 11th Dec 2015

BRTHR's video for The Weeknd's In The Night - starring supermodel (and Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd's girlfriend) Bella Hadid –  is a wild, mad, brilliant mash-up of stylistic references delivered with huge panache.

This is what BRTHR - that's directing duo Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman - told DAZED about the inspirations behind their spectacularly dreamlike, ultra-violent gangster drama... 

"We are always inspired by directors who know how to create a distinct aesthetic and vibe. The film Taxi Driver was a huge inspiration in terms of the bloodshed and prostitution narrative, but also the New York feel that the film has. Other directors we are always inspired by are Wong Kar-wai, Harmony Korine, Guy Ritchie, Gaspar Noé and Quentin Tarantino. Weirdly, after we shot everything, things started reminding us more of Blade Runner, so that became an inspiration too. Last but not least, we were obviously inspired by Prince and Michael Jackson vids. We wanted to bring back the feel of those grand-scale music videos." 

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ProducerSara Greco
Production CompanyLEGS Media

David Knight - 11th Dec 2015

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