Cat Velez - 3rd Dec 2015

Lexi Kiddo's video for Flaunt features a talented group of dancers exchanging warmth and sensuality – and as the director describes, "sharing erotic fantasies as they initiate a divine new member."


VFX SupervisorAlex Creed
DirectorLexi Kiddo
ProducerPhilippos Nikiforakis
Director of PhotographyEdward St Paul
Focus PullerCarlos Garcia Buenaventura
Camera operatorMuhanned Haraz
ChoreographerBrian Gillespie
Make-upHayley Ward
EditorLexi Kiddo
Other creditsCast: Sanuye Shoteka, Lucy Fizz, Dannie Pye, Richard Causer Dancers: KJ Clarke Davies, Jessica Parker, Eloise Sheldon, Jose Carayol, Hermes Pittakos SET ASSISTANT: Ksusha Zhitomirskaya VFX SUPERVISOR: Alex Creed RUNNER: Vasilis Marvel

Cat Velez - 3rd Dec 2015

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