Cat Velez - 18th Nov 2015

Charlie Rotberg has crafted these upbeat, '80s throwback vibes for Dornik's track Strong, a fast-paced reel of cool graphics to emulate the rhythm of the song. It is against the day-glo backdrop that near-silhouettes of Dornik, and an agile girl dancer bring the song to life.


DirectorCharlie Rotberg
ProducerRosie Litterick
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
Director of PhotographyChris Vickers
Focus PullerMatt Farrant
Make-upJess Summer
EditorCharlie Rotberg
ColouristChris Vickers
VFXDavid Altweger
Lead actorRhea T-w
2nd ACJess Lindeberg
Camera operatorOllie Craig
Other creditsRUNNER: Rose Basista

Cat Velez - 18th Nov 2015

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