Cat Velez - 10th Nov 2015

Ben&Julia present this quirky pop video for My Robot Friend's Creep, a cover of the classic track from TLC. 

Written by Howard Robot and directed by Ben&Julia, the video is a bizarre, psychedelic mixed-media affair, featuring a life-size pumpkin-headed Creeper costume, and a mysterious crystal and time/space portal, rendered in 2D, 3D and stop motion animation. Classic Ben&Julia madness!


Director of PhotographyCezary Zacharewicz
Editing companyBen&Julia Studio
EditorAndi Pek
DancerKiani Del Valle
DancerIsis Salam
DancerJiwoon Ha
Costume designerNicole Gütl

StylistLarissa Bechtold
Make-upCecilia Bourgueil
GafferBrian Apteiker
Production AssistantMargot Buchheit
Post production companyBen&Julia Studio
Special ThanksNils Schwemer
Special ThanksIconoclast Germany

Cat Velez - 10th Nov 2015

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