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Grimes 'Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream' by Grimes

Cat Velez - 2nd Nov 2015

Canadian experimental pop star Grimes has traded in her celestial vocal delivery for more decipherable pop songs in Flesh Without Blood & Life In The Vivid Dream, channeling her unbridled vision into this mystifying, colourful and bloody double-feature video instead.

The trippy, nearly seven-minute long video, which was directed, art directed, edited and coloured by the artist herself, sees her embodying multiple off-shoots of her chameleonic persona. And the characters may seem playful (they include a fallen angel toting a pink cowboy hat and a fluo-glam Marie Antoinette) but end up looking like they're straight out of a particularly savage beauty (and bloody) Alexander McQueen catwalk.

Cat Velez - 2nd Nov 2015

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Claire Boucher (aka Grimes)
Denis Miguel Rodrigues
Nicole Rodrigues
Production Company
Rubrik House
Executive Producer
m ss ng p eces
1st AD
Kevin Boston


Director of Photography
Mac Boucher

Cat Velez - 2nd Nov 2015

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