David Knight - 23rd Oct 2015

Saman Kesh's latest gripping music video, for EDM artist DJ Carnage, is a parable on the dangers of hedonism and selfishness, with a grisly, blood-spattered climax that's well-timed for Halloween - and a payoff that's decidedly supernatural. 

As so often in these situations the advice is simple: don't lose your head...


"Every so often I like to ride 100% on instinct. I like to explore a world/idea/personality without the lens/judgement of 'overthinking/analyzing'. It's freeing especially when you are working on 'designing' a lot of your projects. You just want to jump in and explore.

"Life sometimes just is and I really liked the idea of a world of hedonistic kids that really don't understand the idea of consequence. We use the main girl to be our viewers looking-glass into the universe without being too judgemental.

"The video is part Lifestyle and part Urban Legend, and was shot in Uruguay. We worked with very real kids from various backgrounds, and then we placed them in a genre crossover. This juxtaposition idea allowed me to photograph and communicate the ugly in a beautiful way which I felt informed how modern youth looks to me. It feels loud, intense, and sometimes disturbingly dangerous...and then they grow up at some point.

"My thoughts: it was a nice exploration for me and couldn't be the most "not me." But I love that part and it's rewarding to challenge yourself and 'put on another hat.'"

PRO Credits


DirectorSaman Kesh
Production CompanyNikoFilms
Production CompanySkunk Films
Executive ProducerFederico Masini
Executive ProducerShelly Townsend
Executive ProducerMatt Factor
ProducerFederico Masini
ProducerFederico Muse
ProducerIsaac Bauman
ProducerSaman Kesh
Director of PhotographyIsaac Bauman
Production designerCostanza Giordano
Costume designerViki Esquivel
1st ADFabrizio Pioli
EditorSaman Kesh
EditorMichael Heldmen
Editing companyCut+Run
Sound designBrent Kiser
VFX CompanyJogger
ColouristDerek Hansen
Grading companyMPC
Special ThanksMandy Brown, Nate Tam, Ed Hobbs, Sascha Kesh, Nathan Greene, Chris Merchant, The Bauman Family, Michelle Thompson

David Knight - 23rd Oct 2015

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