Cat Velez - 6th Oct 2015

Simon Reichel has patched together this flashy clip for German rappers Genetikk. The video's got a lot going on and sees a jumble of layered visuals of the masked rap group boasting their skater/hip-hop lifestyle.


DirectorSimon Reichel
ProducerAnna Bauer
Director of PhotographyJakob Preischl
2nd ACFerdinand Feldmann
Art DirectorSimon Reichel
Lead actorFreia Wolter, Marie Gryczka, Sarah Krause, Anja Theisen
Director's RepresentationAndrew Davies
LabelSelfmade Records
EditorSimon Reichel
EditorAlex Tank
EditorFerdinand Feldmann
Other creditsRunners: Mauro Pinterowitsch, Bassel Karim Nazzal

Cat Velez - 6th Oct 2015

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