David Knight - 24th Sept 2015

Naked men wrestling while covered in balloons, a man eating eggs until he's sick, and a chili-eating contest to make anyone weep...

In other words, the video for Chorusgirl's Oh, To Be A Defector is a delight, if you only happen to be watching. After divining that the band's lead singer Silvi was a big fan of science instruction films, and drawing inspiration from the British comedy series Look Around You, director Jon Cheung cast the band as a white-coated scientists conducting decidedly sadistic experiments.

Not only is it very good, its essential viewing for anyone thinking about eating a Scotch Bonnet Chilli...


"For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to watch naked men in balloons fight to the death. To make my perversions less blatant, I added in some other scenes. This is the result.   

"To get the old-school VHS look, we shot on mini DV cameras. The footage was then downgraded afterwards in After Effects. If you want to know more about how it was made, check out this article: http://jonthedirector.com/chorusgirl-making-of/ "


DirectorJon Cheung
ProducerLena Abbas
Production CompanyFreelance
Director of PhotographyPhoebe Arnstein
GafferWill Kendal
Art DirectorPhoebe Lowndes
EditorJon Cheung
LabelFortuna Pop

David Knight - 24th Sept 2015

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