Cat Velez - 18th Sept 2015

Rafaël Levy welcomes us on a delightful journey for Saint-Malo native Broken Back's track Happiest Man On Earth.

The video concept doesn't stray too far from the title. It has the viewer following what appears to be The Happiest Man On Earth, an amiable tricycle rider in race-car uniform, passing all sorts of people who seem to be on their own personal journeys to find happiness. 

But whether it's escapism through technology, or just swatting the air to catch airborne cash, no one seems as outwardly content as our winsome hero, who's found ultimate contentment on his trike...

Watch 'Broken Back 'Happiest Man On Earth' by Rafaël Levy' here


DirectorRafaël Levy
Production CompanyPremier Heure / Excuse My French
Director's RepresentationGenerator / Sebastian Dean

Cat Velez - 18th Sept 2015

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