David Knight - 27th Aug 2015

Peaches, ever up for a challenge, steps in the wrestling ring for some serious lucha action with a bunch of bad mofos, up to all sorts of dirty (and smelly) tricks, in her video for Close Up. Fortunately she has supercool, unflappable Kim Gordon in her corner...

It's lo-fi, it's ludicrous and it's fun times, courtesy of Vice Cooler. We really don't get to see the lactation prop used enough.


DirectorVice Cooler
ProducerBriana Gonzales
Executive ProducerLucha VaVOOM & Peaches
Director of PhotographyDalton Blanco
Camera operatorBrian Glenn
GafferZafer Ulkucu
Key GripAaron Morganstein
GripMarcus Moreno
VFXTony Stockert
VFXAaron Novak
EditorVice Cooler
ColouristBossi Baker
StylistJohn Renaud
Make-upAnthony Nguyen
Make-up AssistantVicky Garcia
Hair AssistantIndio Salas
DITSam Farzin
Other creditsPeaches, Kim Gordon, Laura James, Rita D'Albert, Joey Ryan, Dirty Sanchez, Cassandro, The Fallen Flower Kikyo, Sage Sin, Deven Macnair, Ariel Brickman, Mymy, Mary Joe, NY Knockout Nikki Lactation Prop: Brian High PA: Mymy, Colin Knight, Ian Miyawaki Wardrobe thanks: ACNE Studios, Rag Doll LA, Vestal, Discount Universe, CONVERSE

David Knight - 27th Aug 2015

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