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Delta Heavy 'Ghost' by Chris Bristow

Cat Velez - 14th Aug 2015

Long-defunct Microsoft software/mascot Mr. Clippy is back - and looking for revenge - in this surreal, silly and wonderfully entertaining video for Delta Heavy’s Ghost by director and VFX maestro Chris Bristow.

It goes like this: stuck in Nineties internet software purgatory, and having failed to commit suicide, Mr. Clippy, finds a glimmer of hope when he spots Shania, a more recent, voice-activated digital assistant from a world many versions away. The archaic little creature ends up on an epic quest to stay relevant in an age where apps and memes become old news from one week to the next.

But what will become of the well-meaning but universally-hated mascot when he discovers how far we've come without him? He gets angry, of course...

To recreate the array of classic computer graphics director Chris Bristow used his mixed-media wizardry to full effect, staying faithful to the original mid 90’s CG whilst bringing it up to date with a slick, cinematic look. The result is a brilliant bamboozle of internet culture over two decades – and you may even end up rooting for that clip thing...

Cat Velez - 14th Aug 2015


  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Comedy

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Chris Bristow
Production Company
Executive Producer
Bart Yates


Director of Photography
Harry Barber


Production Assistant
Maïwenn Le Borgne
Lead Animator
Andy Biddle
3D Animator
Daniel Gold
3D Animator
Yizhen Ng
Alessandro Melillo
Brad Purnell
Dave O’Neill

Cat Velez - 14th Aug 2015

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