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Paul Smith 'Break Me Down' by Gemma Yin Taylor

Cat Velez - 10th July 2015

This video for Break Me Down by Paul Smith - also known as the frontman of Maxïmo Park - is taken from his second solo album Contradictions, and is the second of two tracks from the record that Gemma Yin Taylor has created visuals for.

Gemma attributes her mixed-media approach to film and video to her background in 2D animation and illustration. From performance footage of Paul that was edited and printed out, each frame of the video was then hand-painted, collaged and animated under a rostrum camera setup.

And it was all done by hand. The video features over 1440 individually painted frames on 400+ sheets of paper, treated with a combination of acrylic paint, ZIG Posterman paint pens and pastel crayons.

Paul Smith says: "I wanted to have a colourful video to match the upbeat nature of the song, but also a visual element that corresponded with the fragility of the words. I saw examples of Gemma's work online and thought it would be a good fit with my brief, given her bold use of colour combined with the usage of handcrafted animation. Break Me Down is a very direct song so I wanted to have a performance element that could then be transformed into something richer."

Cat Velez - 10th July 2015


  • Animation
  • New Director

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Gemma Yin Taylor
Gemma Yin Taylor
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Director of Photography
Christo Wallers


Billingham Records

Cat Velez - 10th July 2015

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