Cat Velez - 26th June 2015

VHS-hooligans Youth Hymns, freshly signed to Partizan, have delivered this off-the-wall video for Love Buzzard's punk track Cash. With animated elements motion-tracked on top of SD footage, it has cartoon-headed, leather jacket-wearing thugs prowling graffiti'd streets and pelting people with brightly coloured cash. But instead of getting wounded, their victims turn into what looks like greedy monsters...


"Most of the victims were unsuspecting members of the London public. We really didn’t know how people would react when bright green toy guns were pointed in their faces. Much to our surprise, many spontaneously hammed it up when ‘being shot’, and some even demanded a second take!

"Shooting a lap dance scene at 8 o’clock in the morning was bizarre. It took a while to convince the stripper that her face wouldn’t actually appear in the video, but once she was offered plenty of the oversized faux cash, she cooperated.

"Russell Taysom did a really great job on the illustrations despite our constant demands... often having to redraw the same item about five times because the overlap on the footage wasn’t quite right! We even made the poor guy appear in the video as a homeless person, proving that he is not only a talented artist but a man with phenomenal acting ability."

PRO Credits


DirectorYouth Hymns
Art DirectorSian Erica Richards
IllustratorRussell Taysom
Director's RepresentationPartizan Darkroom
Other creditsHomeless Man: Russell Taysom Newspaper Reader: Carrie Murray Policeman: Mike Dawson Yuppie: Andrew Button Mutant: Josh Cooper

Cat Velez - 26th June 2015

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