Cat Velez - 26th June 2015

Seth Fuller's interpretation of Nashville ambient group Hammock's album Oblivion Hymns led him to create this deeply emotional music video double-bill.

The first, In The Middle Of This Nowhere introduces the story of a man left behind after an evident catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions, living inside a protective suit. This slow-burner is followed up by My Mind Was a Fog... My Heart Became a Bomb, which sheds more light on details of his relationship with his partner.

In both, Fuller makes good use of interesting locations around his home in Santa Fé, New Mexico. Below he talks about how the double video project came together.


"This idea is one that I had been simmering on a while. Given the constant worry about a sustainable life on Earth, I wanted to create a project that stemmed off of that idea. I wanted the major themes to revolve around global collapse and isolation on a micro and macro level.

"A number a films, including 2001 A Space Odyssey, Children Of Men, and Interstellar, definitely provided an influence in style and story, but my narrative really started around the image of a man in a spacesuit traveling through and abandoned building and a forgotten highway. This asks a few questions. Why is this man there? What is the time period? Why is he wearing the suit? Though there are large questions unanswered, it was my intention for the viewer to fill those gaps in on their own.

"Another significant location is the abandoned missile silo, which gives further context to this narrative environment as it literally looks like it fired off the last nuclear weapon in the event of a global catastrophe.

"After talking to several groups about the project, it wasn't until I had a conversation with Johnny Pleasant (Hammock's manager) that the project came to life. Their aesthetic was the best match that I could have hoped for and everything fell into place. Even the title of their songs and album fit perfectly with the narrative themes.

"Additionally, within that conversation Johnny brought up the idea of doing a series, as that is an approach they had taken with director David Altobelli for some of their previous videos. Altobelli's work has been a huge inspiration for myself, so I did not hesitate to take up the offer and we then developed the idea of My Mind was a Fog... to piggy back off the first video.

"We shot both videos over four long days with an added day later on for some pickups. The suit was definitely a major component to the project. We rented it from a company out of LA. They have real working space suits with compressors that require a technician to operate, but the suit we chose was one that was previously created for a film. It looks great on camera, but definitely has a number of challenges to work with."


DirectorSeth Fuller
ProducerHan Soto
Production CompanyArrow Paris
1st ADSusy Alfora
Director of PhotographyStuart Penny
Focus PullerGrant Macallister
2nd ACJason Everett
GafferOle Nilsen
Art DirectorChesley Danielsen
EditorSeth Fuller

Cat Velez - 26th June 2015

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