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Panama 'Jungle' by A Nice Idea Every Day

Cat Velez - 16th June 2015

Sydney-based electro-pop group Panama now have a beautifully shot and constructed video directed by Fabian Röttger & Vivien Weyrauch of A Nice Idea Every Day for their track Jungle.

Playing out like a retro film shoot, it has a series of attractive young women being screen-tested for a movie set in the woods. Capturing the hustle and bustle of a production, it showcases the filmmakers' tools of the trade with light meters, blower brushes, clappers and colour palettes, revealing the final, curated shots of the women reading books, driving their cars, and running away from an unseen villain. 

It's that element of repetition and slight variation on a theme that gives it its air of mystery and panache, and makes it an absorbing experience.

Cat Velez - 16th June 2015


  • Film Shoot
  • Retro

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A Nice Idea Every Day


Director of Photography
Roman Zenz
Director of Photography
Kevin Klein
Camera Assistant
Elliot Barnes
Camera Assistant
Jacqueline Stahl
Camera Assistant
Karl Keil


Vivien Weyrauch


Michael Cuen
Production Assistant
Karen Janssen

Cat Velez - 16th June 2015

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