David Knight - 30th Apr 2015

Filmed within a decaying architectural wonder in Bulgaria and intercut with revolutionary slogans (like "a nation regenerates itself only upon heaps of corpses"), the video for Algiers' Irony. Utility. Pretext is striking indeed. 

The video was created by Lamb & Sea, a multi-disciplinary production company of artists working across film, design and music, based in East London. And its a reflection of the collective's fascination with the iconic spacecraft-style structures, built during the era of the Eastern Europe communist bloc. 

The high contrast photographic style also evokes Achtung Baby-period Anton Corbijn – and the use of slogans is very WIZ – but even within the amazing setting, the band hold their own. They may be serious about their politics, but it turns out they can also dance.


"The video was shot mostly at Buzludzha and a few other communist monuments around Bulgaria.

"In Bulgaria there are physical reminders of a deeply contested history. They stand imposing and forlorn dotted across the countryside, looming like decaying alien spacecraft over factory towns and desolate mountain peaks.

"Nikola Mihov’s book ‘Forget Your Past’ inspired us to explore the contested spaces. The empty images provide interesting parallels with the lyrics of the song... confronting the age-old fetishization of the musical artefact and the neocolonial prism of development economics."


DirectorLamb & Sea
Production CompanyLamb & Sea
Director of PhotographyLamb & Sea
EditorLamb & Sea
Lead actorAlgiers

David Knight - 30th Apr 2015

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